A common misconception is that you only need to wear suncream if it’s sunny out. However, even on a grey day, the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin. Although most foundations come with SPF this is not enough to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. SunSense discovered that most makeup and skincare products are unreliable when it comes to sun protection, with many offering just SPF15. They recommend that for complete sun protection you should apply suncream underneath your makeup. Then you can apply your normal face of makeup over the top!

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How to Apply SPF When Wearing Makeup?

It is understandable to not know when to apply SPF to your daily makeup routine. But don’t worry! We consulted with experts and have the solution for you. The best order for your daily routine is to apply your skincare first. For example, your toners, serums and moisturiser. A lot of which might already contain some SPF. Then apply your high-SPF suncream. It is recommended to aim for a minimum of SPF30, but preferably you should choose to wear SPF50. Lastly, you would apply your makeup as normal on top. 

Now, you might be wondering if this is enough to protect you throughout the day. Unfortunately, SPF protection only lasts for a few hours. You would therefore be required to reapply throughout the day. Here comes the issue… how do you reapply without ruining your full face of makeup?

Suncream Routine Step 1
Suncream Routine Step 2
Suncream Routine Step 3

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