An Eyeliner is such a versatile product that could highlight your eyes and can brighten up your look. However, you need no always stick with the age-old styles that might not serve you always. We all have our own quirks (both in our personalities as well as our features) and what else is the best way but to highlight these? We did a bit of research and found the best eyeliner styles that you could use based on your eye shape. 

Almond eyes

Do not fret if nobody has written sonnets on your eyes and described you as “O! The Almond eyed one” yet. We made it easier for you to figure it out by yourself. Are your eyes rounder, especially towards the center? Do you have a visible crease in your eyelids and does your iris is slightly covered by both the top and bottom part of your eyelids? If yes, you most likely have Almond shaped eyes. Additionally, your eye shape tapers slightly around the corners towards the inside if you do have almond shaped eyes. Now that we figured out the shape of your eyes, get the look that would suit you the best.

almond eyes

Look that suits you:

Step One: Use a creamier liner to trace the outline of your eye shape and we would suggest you to draw a rather thin line towards the inner corner of your eye.

Step Two: While outlining your outer corner, thicken your application and extend your wing up until you reach the crease and go slightly upwards.

Step Three: Now go back to the lower lash line and draw the liner along the lower lash line until you meet the created wing in a smooth stroke.

Step Four: Use a mascara if you want to amp up the drama. Skip this step if you want to go for a subtle look.

Close set eyes

You would have close set eyes if your eyes have less space between them, that is they are visibly closer to each other. Your eyes may appear smaller because of this lesser distance, although they might not be in reality. For people with close set eyes, usually, the width of their eyes would be greater than the gap between them.

Look that suits you:

Step One: Start applying your eyeliner from the inner corner line and continue it until it is past the outer corner of your eyes.

Step Two: Line the entirety of your waterline starting from the inner corner of your eyes, extending it right towards the end.

Step Three: We are aiming a smudged effect to make your eyes appear bigger. For this, apply the liner and smudge it with a clean cotton to appear it smudgy along the line that you have applied.

Step Four: Add a dash of curling mascara to finish this look.

Hooded Eyes

You have hooded eyes if you have a heavy brow bone or seem to have a deep-set crease that your upper eye lid is not usually entirely visible. Your eyelids are not spaced as farther as other shapes. The crease in your eyelids is not often visible as it gets hidden underneath the upper part of your lid or your brow bone.

Look that suits you:

Step One: Use an eyeliner to line your eyes from the inner corner right up to the outer corner.

Step Two: As you reach the edge of your eye shape, draw a line that extends your eye-shape and give a slightly upward lift to this line.

Step Three: We focus on creating thicker liner along the upper lid since the lids are not quite apparent. For this, darken the application by reapplying along the previous application.

Step Four: Use a mascara to complete this look.

Upturned Eyes

You have upturned eyes if your outer corners of your eyes are positioned at a slightly higher level than that of your inner corners. Your lower eye lids would look slightly curved up in order to meet the upper lash line, making it more apparent and also makes it longer than the top lid. Due to this, your eyes seem to look with a sort of natural lift to them in their outer edge.

Look that suits you:

Step One: Start lining your eyes from the inner corner, by giving them a slightly downward angle towards the inner corner. This look becomes more apparent if you use a fine tip eyeliner. More about picking the right eyeliner could be read here.

Step Two: Draw a thicker line under your lower lash line, moving it outwards as you go. On reaching the outer edge, create a slight curve to your application, giving it an upper lift, giving the ending the shape of a winged flick.

Step Three: Draw a thin line connecting both the upper lid and the winged line at the end.

Step Four: We recommend you to go for a few coats of mascara with this look for your eyes to achieve a brilliant look.

Downturned Eyes

You most likely have downturn eyes if your eyelid is closer to your cheekbone and your upper eyelids dip slightly to meet your lower lash line. The easiest way to figure out this is to check the level of your outer corners of the eyes with respect to the inner corner of the eyes. If the outer corners of your eyes are slightly lower than that of your inner corners, you have down turned eyes. In people with down turn eyes, the upper lid looks far more apparent than the lower one.

Look that suits you:

Step One: Start the liner from the inner corner of your eyes and darken it as you go towards the outer edge.

Step Two: Draw along your waterline starting from the inner corner of your eyes and reaching the outer corner until you create a slight upper lift towards the end.

Step Three: Create a smudgy look by dabbing with a cotton pad and smudge it amongst the waterline to give it a smoky effect.

Step Four: this look by applying a mascara.